Open Mesh Belts

Open Mesh Belts

Our Open Mesh Belts embody our dedication to superior quality and continual innovation. With expertise in PTFE, silicone-coated fiberglass, and Kevlar fabrics, films, belts, and tapes, we address diverse industrial requirements by offering advanced solutions through our extensive range of open mesh belts.

Versatility and Performance Our Open Mesh PTFE Belts are engineered for efficiency and reliability in various applications. They are ideal for processes including drying, curing, and bonding inks, pigments, and powders to fabrics and non-woven materials.

Key features of our Open Mesh Belts include

  • Variety of Opening Sizes: Available in sizes 15mm, 11mm, 22.5mm, 44mm, 66mm, and 1010mm to suit different application needs.
  • Seam Options: We offer a range of seam options, each designed to provide durability and seamless operation.
  • Tracking Options: Our belts are equipped with various tracking solutions to ensure steady and consistent performance.
  • Color Choices: Available in practical colors including brown, black, and blue, allowing for easy integration into various machinery and aesthetic preferences.
  • Maximum Width Availability: We can provide belts up to a maximum width of 4450mm, accommodating a wide range of machinery sizes.

Key Benefits and Applications

  • Temperature Resistance: Our belts operate effectively in temperatures ranging from -73°C (-100°F) to 260°C (500°F).
  • FDA Compliant Non-Stick Surface: Ensures safety and compliance in food-related applications.
  • Easy to Clean: Maintenance is straightforward, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Anti-Static/Conductive: Specially treated fabrics reduce static build-up, essential in environments sensitive to electrical charges.
  • Airflow Promotion: The open mesh design allows for outgassing of volatile products and promotes drying by facilitating airflow through the belt.

Assorted Seams Available

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