We are your premier supplier of performance flexible composites. We specialize in an extensive range of PTFE and silicone-coated fiberglass and Kevlar fabrics, films, belts, and tapes. Catering to various industries, our products are engineered to meet the demanding needs of your specific applications.

Extensive array of Films: At Fabritex, we pride ourselves on offering a large assortment of films, including skived and extruded types. Our selection encompasses materials like PTFE, ETFE, FEP, ECTFE, and PFA. Each of these materials is chosen for its unique combination of chemical and temperature resistance, along with exceptional dielectric performance, ensuring that we have the right solution for your special application needs.

Skived PTFE (Teflon) Sheets and Films:

  • Manufactured from both virgin and mechanical PTFE resins.
  • Ideal for numerous industries due to their high-temperature tolerance, chemical resistance, dielectric strength, and non-stick properties.
  • Available for chemical etching on one or both sides, facilitating bonding with other materials.

Specialized Films and Their Features:


  • Effective in high dielectric/high-temperature applications, including wire wrap and insulation tapes.
  • Features include high elongation, conformability, superior low friction, and nonstick properties.


FEP Film:

  • Known for its optical clarity, perfect for see-through wire harness identification.
  • Boasts excellent temperature and dielectric properties, with high elongation and exceptional U.V. resistance.
  • Ideal for coil and transformer insulation.


UHMW Film:

  • Suits automotive applications, hose lining, and low-temperature mechanical applications.
  • Outperforms PTFE in low-temperature applications by a factor of 5-to-1.
  • Characteristics include abrasion and puncture resistance, extremely low coefficient of friction, and superior tensile strength.

Benefits of Choosing Fabritex:

  • Our products are engineered for durability and efficiency.
  • We offer solutions that are abrasion and puncture-resistant, ensuring long-term performance.
  • Our range is designed with superior tensile strength, accommodating a variety of industrial needs.
  • The unique properties of our materials, like low coefficient of friction and high elongation, make them versatile for numerous applications.