I have to say that I am very impressed with them so far. If the quality stays the same along with the delivery, I think the belts will be a major breakthrough for us.


I just wanted to thank you for checking up on the material and tracking, keeping up with it all and getting it to us before we had to get to the job site. I was in and out with my family matters all day and you guys just stayed on top of it and I appreciate all y'alls efforts.


I have had some great success with Fabritex at my customer on the Teflon belts and tapes. Great opportunity to make extra GP and win a new product line with customer.


We have been running more, and also some maintenance issues as well. The belts are fine. No worries James…but thanks for enquiring. You guys have excellent communication with your clients. Love it.


Bill I haven’t had a chance to try the belts with the guides, but as far as the other belts they seem good, I tried with the crown roll and your belts didn’t seem to stretch so the crowned roll actually put folds in the belt however I changed back and the belts have been holding up well even with the folds ( they seem to not steretch near as bad as the others even over time.


It also reduces our belt change time from 4 hours to 30 min. huge win on our end.