Our company provides a large range of films both skived and extruded: PTFE, ETFE, FEP, ECTFE and PFA. Our selection delivers the correct combination of chemical & temperature resistance and dielectric performance for your special application.

Skived PTFE (Teflon) sheet and film are manufactured from virgin or mechanical PTFE resins. Both sheet and film are widely used in numerous industries due to the material's outstanding characteristics, including high-temperature, chemical resistance, dielectric strength and non-stick properties. Sheet and film can be chemically etched on one or both sides to allow you to bond to other materials. 



We have a diverse range of quality products currently used in chicken grilling plants that are giving extended belt life to our customers. Fabritex is always researching ways of reducing your overall operating cost. We offer any size and thickness belts needed to meet your requirements. We can support belting for these common manufacturers: Stein, ProGrill, Formcook, Bereif and Koppen.



We offer quality PTFE tapes in all sizes and thicknesses, with silicone or acrylic adhesive and with or without liner. Same day shipping on our wide variety of products in our inventory is available. Our company will be glad to stock products for YOU! We look forward to working with you to meet your needs.




Our company provides a wide variety of PTFE belts in many widths, lengths and thicknesses along with custom fabrication. We offer reinforced edges, grommets or specially-seamed belts. Our high-quality heavy belting, side-sealer and 2-ply belts offer longer life and better performance. We are confident that we will be your valuable partner.


We offer many PTFE fabrics in a variety of colours. Special characteristics include anti-static, food grade and tear-resistant. We have products in premium and standard grade that meet your needs.


We provide a variety of high temperature fabrics and products to include woven glass, PTFE, silicone, vermiculite and acrylics designed to meet your thermal insulation and welding application requirements. 

Our insulation products are conformable, flexible, and wear resistant which can easily be fabricated into a wide range of thermal products such as insulation pads, lagging, and turbine insulation. 

Coated products and fabrics offer protection from and resistance to sparks, welding molten and slag. 

Special carbon felts are for use as thermal/acoustical insulation in aerospace, automotive or general industrial high temperature applications. They are specifically designed as a high performance fire or spark barrier.



With a large stock of tortilla belts, we provide our customers same day shipping on most orders. In our ongoing effort to better serve customers, we offer a new product for tortilla plants called Chocolate and Dura*Red that are providing extended belt life.

We have belts for common flour tortilla OEMs such as Lawrence and Casa Herrera. However, if you give us the width, length, thickness and seam/edge construction, we will get you the best product for your application.


We specialize in High Temperature films, fabrics, belts and tapes.

Large enough to count on; small enough to care.

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